When it comes to platforms, the concept is often nebulous. Many understand it as technology or infrastructure. But the objective here is to talk about Platforms as a business model. In this sense, Platforms has as its central concept to be a model where value is generated by facilitating interactions…

“Two men holding beer bottles cheers at sunset in silhouette” by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

É indiscutível a importância de se ter uma rede de canais indiretos e como eles podem ter um papel central na estratégia comercial de uma empresa. Sem dúvida alguma, um programa atraente, com benefícios relevantes e uma gestão comercial próxima e constante são vitais para o sucesso dessa estratégia. No…

Fernando Teixeira da Silva

More than 15 years in commercial development projects. Passionate about commercial strategy, business models and go to market strategies.

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