If your company wants to be a platform, it needs an ecosystem.

1-) The question that unlocks a company’s ecosystem

The company’s vision in the market can “unlock” the ecosystem to be orchestrated by it. This goes beyond strategic alignment. It is an alignment with the purpose of your business. There is a well-known tool, developed by Simon Sinek called “The Golden Circle”, which helps us in a very pragmatic way to understand the deeper purpose of a business.

2-) A needy ecosystem emits its signals …

Just like any startup at the beginning, every platform must propose to solve an ecosystem problem, or it will not have fit. Generally, when there are opportunities for better coordination between players, some signals are emitted:

3-) Leverage the company’s internal assets in the ecosystem

A final factor for consolidated companies to assess in their potential ecosystems is the possibility of using it to leverage their internal assets be it connections with producers, access to the consumer market, infrastructure, technology or new products and services.

The ecosystem at the heart of the strategy

It is in the meeting of these 3 dimensions that a company can identify which ecosystem is the most adherent to its platform strategy.



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Fernando Teixeira da Silva

Fernando Teixeira da Silva

More than 15 years in commercial development projects. Passionate about commercial strategy, business models and go to market strategies.