Orchestrating ecosystems: Why should your company think about it?

“Value is no longer created and scaled merely through processes that organize internal labor and resources. Instead, value is created and scaled through interactions that orchestrate users and resources in the ecosystem”- Sangeet Paul Choudary, no livro “Plaftorm Scale”

“We were all seduced by the high discounts, the automatic monthly delivery of diapers, the best free films, the gift wrapping, the delivery in two days, the ability to buy shoes, books or carioca beans or a toilet all from the same place. But it went beyond seduction, really. We expect these kinds of conveniences now as if they were birth rights. They became our ideas about how consumers should be treated. ” Franklin Foer

“In 20 years, in business will survive without building an ecosystem, whether it’s mass market or high-end luxury. ”

Adrien Nussenbaum, founder at Mirakl, at MIT Platform Strategy Summit 2019.



More than 15 years in commercial development projects. Passionate about commercial strategy, business models and go to market strategies.

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